“Attention all students interested in playing football for Lakota Plains this 2017 fall season.  There will be an informational meeting taking place on Thursday May 18th starting at 7pm in the Lakota Plains Gymnasium.  Important things will be discussed about the upcoming fall season.  Please have a parent present with you at the meeting.  This will be your first opportunity to meet your coaches for your team. If you have any questions please go to the Lakota Plains athletic site to contact your coach.  We look forward to seeing you all there!” 

Announcement 12 May 2017

June voluntary conditioning will begin on Thursday June 1st from 6:30-8:00.  We will go each Tuesday and Thursday in June, working in tandem with the incoming 7th graders and their coaching staff. On Wednesday of each week we will have a clinic based on positions such as qbs, linebackers, receivers, etc. These clinics are monitored as we can only have 7 kids at one field per team.  Once we get a head count of who can attend and when we will finalize these clinics. These sessions are voluntary.


July preseason camp will be from 6:30-8:00 starting the week of July 10. We will go for 3 weeks on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  These practices are not mandatory but are strongly encouraged.  


Official start of the season practices begin on Monday July 31st. Our regular practice schedule will be different from prior years.  Prior to the games beginning we will go Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6:00-8:00 and Saturday morning from 9:30-11:30.  Our games will replace our Wednesday practice. Our routine for each night once the games begin will be as follows:


Monday:  offense, contact

Tuesday: review/walk thru

Wednesday:  game day

Thursday:  offense, special teams

Friday:  off (attend the high school game?)

Saturday: defense, contact


In the past Friday night practices have been less than ideal for all involved...too short, extra traffic, high school games to attend, general more trouble than it was worth.  The practices on Saturday AM allow for all of the coaches to be there, a full practice, a contact practice, and allow for the families to have one less place to be on a Friday night.  Per high school rules we cannot have contact on consecutive days so this will allow us 2 full practices with contact, Monday and Saturday. Practices are mandatory unless excused by the head coach.


Here is our game schedule:


Week of 8/14....scrimmage @ Creekside (Fairfield has 2 jr highs)  5:30@ FF Varsity Stadium

8/23..................Middletown home

8/30.................Mason Green away

9/6...................Crossroads (Fairfield) home

9/13.................Sycamore away

9/20.................Mason White home

9/27.................Hopewell away

10/4................Colerain home

10/11..............Ridge at West HS


Fortunately we have only 3 away games and the furthest we travel is Sycamore. Looking forward to checking a 'W' next to each one of these.


Only a few weeks left of school so let's keep the focus on their schoolwork/grades. You only get one time to play 8th grade football, let's not lose that opportunity over eligibility. Very much looking forward to seeing everyone shortly.


Greg Eppard for 7th grade football


Mike Groh for 8th grade football