Tennis (Girls)



Coach: Sherri FreyGirls Tennis

Here are the results of our match today vs. Princeton @ Princeton:  5-0  West Won!

 Singles 1:  Mia Young            WON             6-2, 6-0

Singles 2:  Nishi Suresh         WON             6-0, 6-1

Singles 3:  Reyna Martin         WON             6-2, 6-3  GREAT WIN!  Lots of Patience, Persistence, and Perseverance!

Doubles 1:  Lilly Vollmer        WON             6-2, 6-0

            Sona Martin

Doubles 2:  Gabby Monsalve       WON             6-0, 6-0

            Olivia Young


Great Win against a GMC opponent!

Please announce the Girls Tennis Results on Thursday morning!  This is our final match results before GMC!  We had an emphatic 5-0 victory over Oak Hills this afternoon which was a wonderful way to complete our regular season.  The girls have been amazing with a 7-4 record this season!


Captain Nishi Suresh and Shriya Kappagantula have offered to announce the team results at Plains if that is possible on Thursday morning.




Court 1 Singles:  Mia Young         WON     6-0, 6-0

Court 2 Singles:  Nishi Suresh      WON     6-0, 6-1

Court 3 Singles:  Shriya            WON     6-0, 6-0

Court 1 Doubles:  Sona Martin, Harshita Nune       WON     6-4, 6-2

Court 2 Doubles:  Reyna Martin, Aubrey Knoll      WON     6-3, 6-1

Court 3 Doubles:  Maddy Cox, Olivia Young         WON     8-4


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