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Safety & Security

Plains Junior School partners with the Butler County Sheriff's Office for School Resource Officer (SRO) services

The Plains Jr. School Resource Officer helps plan safety and lock-down drills. He is in the front of the school at arrival to ensure the car drop off is safe and efficient for our children and staff. He patrols the grounds to ensure unauthorized person(s) have no interactions with our students. He directs traffic on the road in front of the building to help buses and parents safely and efficiently exit the property at dismissal.

Meet Our SRO

Brian Liston


Deputy Liston is a retired police officer from the Marion (Ohio) Police Department. He relocated to this area with his wife in 2018. Deputy Liston's job as a school resource officer is to assist students and staff in any way possible. He also helps to oversee lunch periods and some academic support sessions.

Deputy Liston’s goal is to establish relationships with students and staff to ensure they easily approach him when they have a concern. He enjoys talking and joking around with students in order to put them at ease and is approachable at all times for students needing assistance

The safety, health, and well-being of Lakota students, staff, volunteers, and visitors is our top priority.

The purpose of this webpage is to provide parents, students, volunteers, and visitors with information on district safety programs and links to helpful resources.

Plains SRO training on exiting building

Safety Guidelines

  • Schools in Lakota conduct all safety drills required by law and by the Ohio Department of Education.
  • Visitors to Lakota schools must sign in at the office and wear a visitor badge while at the school.
  • Video cameras are used to monitor activity throughout the schools.
  • Any volunteer with unsupervised access to students will be required to pass a criminal background check through our visitor management system, Raptor.
  • Bullying and hazing activities of any type are prohibited. No school district employee shall encourage, permit, authorize, condone, or tolerate any bullying or hazing activity.
  • Any chemicals brought into a school or on school grounds must have a Material Safety Data Sheet.