After-School Programs

FirebirdGet Involved! 

Below are several clubs/activities that you can become a part of throughout the year. More information regarding these groups will be announced to students during the school year
These clubs are pending approval for the 2020-2021 school year

  • *Art Club: Art Club meets once a week for 2 hours beginning in the late fall and ending at Spring Break. Students are encouraged to use their art skills to serve the school and community.  Projects are both individual and collaborative. Regular attendance is important but not mandatory. There will be a fee associated with this activity. For more information please email
  • *Drama Club: Students interested in acting, stage production, make-up, props, ushers, advertising should all sign up. There are additional fees associated with this activity. For more information please email
  • Yearbook Club: Students joining this group assist the sponsor in creating the yearbook. The group forms in the fall. This club meets on once a month through December and twice a month from January through March. Students should have a strong interest in taking photographs. For more information please email
  • Student Council: Student Council representatives support and lead the school in many ways.  Students need to be able to attend required after school meetings. The council sponsors school activities, focuses on community service and participates in fundraising projects. For more information please email
  • *Tech Crew: Tech Crew focuses on the technical aspects of a musical. This club is for students who would like to help create the sets, costumes, etc. as well as run the lighting and sound systems for our annual Drama Club performance. For more information please email
  • *Robotics: The purpose of the Robotics Club is to give students who are interested in robotics the opportunity to study robots and automation in a setting outside of the regular school day and beyond regular curriculum. For more information please email