Plains Junior Athletics 


Hello and welcome to the Lakota Plains Athletics family.  We are very excited about the upcoming sports seasons and we want to provide you with information about each of the athletic opportunities we offer to students here at Plains Jr. High. Students have the opportunity to participate in the following sports in all 3 seasons.
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different sports we offer*

Tennis (Girls) 
Cross Country

Basketball (Boys)
Basketball (Girls) 

Track & Field
Tennis (Boys)

Participation Requirements & Questions:

*Every student will need to have a current Covid-19 form on file with the coach for every sport*


According to board and state policy each student is required to be passing 5 solid courses in order to participate on the team.  Every class in junior high is consider a solid course except for Study hall.  These will be monitored weekly and discussed with the athlete and parent if there is a violation of this policy.

Participation Requirements 

To participate in any junior or high school sport, students must have a current Emergency Medical Authorization Form (EMF) filled out prior to conditioning, practice or try-outs and a current physical/ OHSAA Authorization Form (within the last calendar year) prior to practice or sporting event.  These forms may be picked up in the main office at Lakota Plains or downloaded from the Plains Athletic Website.

All students should submit their Physicals, OHSAA Authorization Form, Concussion Form, and Emergency Medical Form to their head coach.  Participation fees will be paid to the Athletic Secretary in the main office.

Upon completion of all necessary forms and participation fee the student will be eligible to participate.



How do I sign up for each sport?

There is a new method that our district will be using for Athletics to sign up for a sport and turn in all necessary paperwork.  We will be using a web program called Final Forms.  Please visit the website at where you can sign-up for each sport and electronically sign all the paperwork necessary for that sport.  Both the parents and the athlete need to establish an account on this site and both will need to fill out the electronic paperwork.  The best part about all this is after you have done it once it follows you all the way through high school.   All you will be required to do is keep each account updated with your personal information as things change within your family. 

Sports Physical

Each athlete will still need to submit a copy of the 6-page OHSAA approved Physical to your coach.  All six pages must be present before we will accept it.  We will then update the expiration date on the Final Forms website and we will keep a record of when your athlete will need to submit a new one.  Each physical is good for one full calendar year from the date it is completed. 

How Much Does It Cost to Participate?

At the Jr. High level we have a $150 participation fee per sport which must be paid in full before an athlete can step foot on the field, court, or mat.  This fee may be submitted by check payable to Lakota Plains Athletics to our athletic secretary Mrs. Jennifer Brown in the main office or you can let her know you plan to use the EZ Pay system. There is a family cap which depends on the total number of athletes participating from your family.  1 Athlete $400; 2 athletes $600 3 Athletes $800; 4+ athletes $1,000.  A form will need to be filled out and turned in when your family has reached your family’s cap.   You can get this form on the Lakota website.

GMC Game Locations

Please click on the link below to see address list of schools teams may be playing at.


Athletic Staff/ Contact info:

Athletic Director:           [email protected]

Assistant Principal:         [email protected]

Athletic Secretary:          [email protected]

Athletic Office Phone:     513-644-1130 Ext. 11101 or 11113