Tennis (Boys)



Coach: Sheri Frey

Prior to tryouts, tennis players should be register on Final Forms at  

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Junior High Sports

  • Attitude is everything. Attitude determines your altitude in life.
  • It is my intention to give every boy as much playing time as possible while setting a line-up that gives us the greatest chance at winning the match.
  • Your child may not play in every match. Some schools have very small teams.
  • Your child should attend and remain at all matches until everyone is finished. This promotes team support. Let me know ahead of time if there is an issue.

Transportation and Study Tables

  • Bussing is provided to practice (for Ridge students only) and away games.  They are drop only; which means you are responsible for transporting your child home.
  • On game day, Plains boys are to change after school, then go the cafeteria and wait until coach comes and gets them. Should be around 2:30

    Snacks and Hydration

  • A light snack is provided by parent volunteers. Carbs are good. PLEASE HAVE SNACKS AND DRINKS TO PLAINS BY 2:45 (I will send out a sign up genius invite to sign up the first week of practice)
  • Each player needs a water bottle to be kept courtside.
  • Please send extra drinks in a cooler packed with ice. This will be transported to the match.   

    Team Matches

  • Home matches are always played at Plains Junior School
  • Away matches: I will send out the address the day of matches on REMIND
  • Typically begin at 4:00 and end 5:30 – 6:00
  • Winner takes 3 of the 5 courts. If the other team does not have enough players, they will forfeit whatever courts are not covered.
  • 3 singles and 2 doubles play for scoring. The remaining boys will play exhibition if the other team has enough players to do so.

Individual Matches

  • Are broken into points, games, and sets.
  • Games are scored as follows: Love, 15,30,40, Advantage. (Player must win by 2 points to take the game)
  • Sides are switched after odd games i.e. 1,3, and 5.
  • 6 Games determine the winner of the set.
  • 2 Sets determine the match
  • Tie Break: when both players reach 6-6 in a set, a tie-break is played. Players play for points and the first one to 7 by 2 points, wins the set.

Doubles Matches

  • Are played with the same scoring.
  • One player covers the service area while the other player covers large space behind the service area.
  • When serving, the players switch between the Ad court and Deuce court (left to right).
  • When receiving the serve from the opponent, players switch between net and baseline or front to back.