Preseason Information

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Preseason Information

  • Athletes & Parents need to register with Final Forms before they may participate. This should be completed before the first practice.  Click here for the OHSAA Physical Form. Click here for a Covid release form

  •  Any practice missed needs to be communicated to the coach.  As long as everyone communicates there shouldn’t be a problem. Male athletes can email [email protected]; Female athletes [email protected]

  • Academic success is demanded! Weekly eligibility come out when the competitions begin. You must remain eligible on a weekly basis in order to compete.

  • Practices will be held after school Monday through Friday.  Transportation will shuttle the athletes to the Lakota West Freshman School (LWFS) on Tylersville Rd.  Practices will last 90 minutes.  All members need to be picked up at the end of practice in a timely manner. Any member of the track team not picked up in a timely manner will be subject to termination from the team. 
  • Many athletes want to also be a part of the school play.  We encourage athletes to do both and expect them to attend our practices when they can.  Athletes need to respect the following OHSAA rule.       OHSAA rules dictate that an athlete must have at least 10 practices before they are allowed to compete in a meet.

  • Junior High Track & Field Events: Hurdles, Sprints, Relays, Distance, weights, jumping, polevault (this will be available at West High School, possibly at a time later in the day). Numbers will dictate if we can take advantage of this.

  • Pole Vault practices will be at Lakota West and only for those who have made the practice squad.
  • Kevin Varda is responsible for administration of the girls. Tom Thompson is responsible for the boys. 

  • Busing for meets: All transportation will be shuttles to the venue, but athletes need to be picked up by parents.
  •  What happens in inclement weather? Most days we will be able to keep some of the athletes at school and work with them inside. Usually distance runners will get sent home and will be encouraged to run at home. Information will be emailed home (email addresses from Final Forms Registration).

  • Will practice be available if the athlete is not involved in the meet that day? We can allow an optional practices at the meet venue if transportation has room on the bus. It would be a limited workout before the meet and athlete will have to be picked up at the venue.
  •  Uniforms: We purchased uniforms that have Firebirds on the front.  OHSAA uniforms guidelines are ridged.  Undergarments have to be specific. If you wear anything under the shorts it should be solid black. If you wear anything under your top, it should be solid white. Athletes could be disqualified if not in compliance.
  • Everyone is eligible to runs in the "All Run" meets.  Only non-Invitational runners are able to run in "B" meets.  We will allow the athletes to sign themselves up for what they want to compete in. OHSAA rules allows a maximum of three events. Athletes will be exposed to aptitudes at the beginning of the season to see what strengths and weaknesses the athlete’s possess. It is the athletes responsibility to sign up.
  • Good, quality running shoes are highly recommended. (Spikes are optional, yet strongly encouraged.) Worn, or inappropriate shoes not designed for repetitive running, could likely result in injury. Queen City Running is a corporate sponsor for Lakota athletics and is offering a 15% discount. 
  •  Wear appropriate clothing, which accommodates the weather. We will run outside in the cold and rain! It’s easier to take layers of clothes off if you get too hot, but it’s impossible to get warm if you don’t have the clothes to begin with! Come prepared. If it is lightning, we cannot practice outside.
  •  Headphones or other electronic devices are not allowed at practice or meets.
  •  Any parents that would like to help work our home meets would be appreciated. We have two home meets. . Coaches try to ensure you do something that you could be around your son/daughter. Thanks in advance.