New Netflix Series Features Plains Family

New Netflix Series Features Plains Junior Family
Posted on 11/16/2018
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Plains Junior seventh-grader Corrine Goglewski (right), pictured with her mother, Beth, and twin sister, Carly, is one of six individuals featured on a new Netflix series called “Dogs” premiering Nov. 16. Corrine’s episode follows her journey to receive her service dog, Rory. Several Plains Junior seventh-graders will make their first television appearance on a Netflix documentary series called “Dogs” premiering on Nov. 16.

Although not the focus, their parts support an emotional story about Plains Junior seventh-grader Corrine Gogolewski and her family. They were followed by a production crew for an entire month last fall while she and her twin sister, Carly, were sixth-graders at Endeavor Elementary. They follow the family’s journey through receiving, training and welcoming Corinne’s service dog, Rory, into their family.

Corrine suffers from a rare form of epilepsy in which frequent grand mal seizures come without warning and cause her to stop breathing. Rory is literally “another set of eyes and ears” to monitor Corrine’s condition. He has been trained to recognize a universal scent that precedes the onset of a seizure and then bark to give warning.

While she is a girl of few words, Corinne did have this to say about Rory: “He’s been my best friend.” Corrine’s mother, Beth, went on to explain that their newest addition to the family has given her daughter a newfound sense of freedom and the rest of the family a sense of comfort and relief.

“She plays select soccer, Thunderbird basketball and is on the swim team,” Beth said. “She is just a determined young lady that despite her disability, doesn’t let it stand in the way of her doing what she loves. Rory has been a wonderful gift to us when you consider he’s allowing her to continue living her life.”

The Gogolewski family was selected from hundreds of possible stories for the 6-episode series, each documentary telling a different story of the emotional bonds between their owners and their four-legged companions. Corrine is the youngest to be featured and joins others from Syria, Japan, Italy and Costa Rica.  

“There are so many people in our shoes who have kids with special needs. It’s a very lonely thing and nobody quite understands what you’re going through,” Beth said. “To be able to share our story and let other families like us know that there’s hope is a great opportunity.”

While even the Gogolewskis haven’t gotten a sneak peek at their family’s episode, they have high hopes that it will be uplifting and encourage empathy. Watch the trailer to preview the “Dogs” series premiering on Netflix Nov. 16.