Sport Stacking Exercises Brains & Bodies

Sport Stacking at Shawnee, Hopewell Exercises Brains & Bodies
Posted on 11/20/2018
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students stacking cupsIn addition to being part of a worldwide event, students at Shawnee and Hopewell early childhood schools got to exercise both their bodies and their brains in gym class last week.

The stacking and unstacking of plastic cups - done at lightning speed at the professional level -  is officially termed “sport stacking” and is gaining popularity around the world. While gym teacher Tracy Henderson extended the activity to all her students, the kindergartners she met with on Guinness World Records Day answered the worldwide challenge put forth by the World Sport Stacking Association: Set a world record for the most people sport stacking at multiple locations on one day.

“The fact that students and adults from all over the world were also participating was very interesting to them,” Henderson said.

During her Nov. 8 classes, Henderson demonstrated her own speedy sport stacking ability before breaking it down so that students could practice the basic combinations individually. They then paired up with a classmate to focus on speed before being given the creative latitude to construct their own pyramids.

“Research has shown that speed stacking improves hand-eye coordination, motor skill development, reaction time, dexterity and mental focus, ” Henderson said. “It also activates both sides of the brain and increases reading comprehension skills. This is something I’ll incorporate into many other activities we do all year long.”