Union Students Use Technology to Educate Peers

Union Students Use Technology to Educate Peers
Posted on 04/08/2019
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Union fifth graders (pictured from left) Victoria Rodriguez, Maggie Todd, Sydney Alderman and Noelle Shalash created a documentary about depression to inform their fellow students.Students became the teachers at Union Elementary School thanks to a fifth grade project. Olivia Overberg’s tutorial and enrichment (T & E) students were able to choose a topic of interest that they would then teach to their peers.

Working in groups, student choice was at play as they chose a subject to study and then create a documentary to share their results. “The students did a lot of research on their topics and created storyboards, skits and/or scripts to collect their information,” Overberg explained. “They worked on collaboration and also created roles within their group.”

How to save manatees, combating the world’s plastic problem and the evolution of technology are just some examples of topics covered. Maggie Todd, Noelle Shalash, Sydney Alderman and Victoria Rodriguez researched depression. “We wanted to do something that would speak to the people watching the documentary,” said Rodriguez. With Todd adding that the topic was personal to the group.

The students researched triggers along with ways to cope with depression. They were shocked to learn that 828,000 people die from suicide each year. For their documentary, the group took what they learned and applied it to skits used in their film. Some of the biggest takeaways for the girls include how processed food can affect a person’s mood, the pressure of Instagram and Snapchat on cyberbullying and how antidepressants can actually increase depression in some people.

The documentary stressed the importance of speaking to someone if they were experiencing signs of depression. “If you don’t want to talk to a psychologist, talk to someone you trust,” Rodriguez told the viewers.