Hopewell Junior Cross Country Invitational

13th Annual Hopewell Junior Cross Country Invitational, to be held on Monday and Tuesday,  September 28th  and 29th, 2020 at Hopewell Junior High School. 

This year we are separating our races into age groups
.  This should allow a better balance in the number of race participants. 


Our goal in having the Girls run first is that no boys will be in attendance until their time to race and when the boys race all the girls will already be on their way home.  It pains me to not allow athletes to cheer for their teammates, but our only other alternative was to not allow any spectators. Please only parents on the course to spectate, no athletes.  Please have your athletes respect this.  If athletes have to be in attendance please keep them in the TEAM CAMP area.

If athletes are warming up please be respectful of the course.  We will call athletes for the 5 min report time to the start line, races start on time!  (race schedule below). 


If you haven’t registered for our race, it is available on Milesplit:

ghg timinging registration information: http://www.ghgtiming.com/Website/Results/2020/lettertocoaches.pdf

https://oh.milesplit.com/meets/391271/registration  Registration is password protected, please don’t share this passwords with other teams.

Coaches of big teams that will run both Monday and Tuesday,  you will get all your bibs on Monday as we won't know who is running which day. Athletes can not lose them, as we will can not afford to give out spare bibs.

Monday 9/28

4:30 pm Girls Open (enter 10, score 5)

5:00 pm Girls 7th Grade (enter7, score 5)

5:30 pm Girls 8th Grade (enter 7, score 5)

6:00 pm Boys 8th Grade (enter 10, score 5)

6:30 pm Boys 7th Grade (enter 10, score 5)

7:00 pm Boys Open (enter 15, score 5)

 Tuesday 9/29  (remainder of athletes; teams in green)

 4:30 pm Girls Open B

5:00 pm Boys Open B


Awards can be picked up after races, near finish line

*Team Championship, Runner Up, and 3rd Place Award for each race

*Individual Medals for places 1- 15 in each race

*Participation ribbons available at awards tent

Course records:  

2016    Faith Duncan               Lebanon                      11:05.34

2016    Cole Cronk                  Lakota West                 10:28.59

 Fee Information

The entry fee for our invitational is TWO-HUNDRED dollars ($200.00) per school.  ($100 for the boys and $100 for the girls). Please make checks out to Hopewell Junior Athletics and send to:

Hopewell Junior

8200 Cox Rd

West Chester Township, OH 45069





Covid Protocols



● Per guidance issued by the Governor and the OHSAA, spectators are limited to 2 per family per runner. 

● Maintain Social Distancing while cheering on the athletes. Please avoid congregating “shoulder to shoulder” near key viewing areas, especially near the finish line. 

● All spectators are expected to maintain social distance and wear facial masks that cover nose and mouth. 

● Spectators should depart immediately following the race they came to watch. 

Participant Covid Protocols 

● It is expected that all coaches will have followed your schools COVID protocols prior to your athletes participating in a practice or game. Each team will be responsible for documenting the results of your protocols as required by your school. 

● Any athlete who is quarantined from school is not permitted to participate. Any athlete or coach who is exhibiting symptoms is not permitted to participate. 

● Per the Governor all athletes and coaches are required to wear masks. 

● Athletes are required to wear a mask at all times except when warming up and running in the race. Social Distancing is encouraged at all times.

Arrival at venue 

● Teams should try to arrive no more than 90 minutes before their first race. Where possible, please bus your boys and girls separately so they can arrive at the venue no more than 90 min before their races and depart the venue after their cool down. 

● At the conclusion of their race, runners may cool down however, must leave the event/grounds immediately after cooling down. 

● Only runners who are designated to participate in a race may attend. Up to two Team Managers are permitted to attend. 

● Unfortunately, we cannot permit teammates staying and cheering on for later races. 

Team Camps Tents permitted with 12' buffer between your tent and others. 

Packet Pick-up/Chips 

● The packet pick-up will be located near the finish line. 

● Disposable chipped bibs will be used. Bibs DO NOT need to be returned. Runners warming up must also stay clear of the finish line to avoid false reads. 

● Each team will be issued garbage bags at packet pick-up. We require all teams to police their areas after the meet to help facilitate tear-down. 

● Full garbage bags should be tied and left at team camps. 

Race Start 

Start boxes will be 10' wide and have 6' of spacing between boxes. 

● Start line and boxes will NOT open until 5 minutes prior to race time. 

● On your way to the Start Line, masks must be worn. 

● Recommended teams provide each athlete with a zip lock bag with their name on it. Once your team gets to the start line, athletes may take off their masks and seal them in their personalized plastic bag.  Lakota Athletes are asked to wear them around their neck during the race.

● These bags should be collected and given to the coach who will be in the finish area. Immediately following their race, the athlete retrieves their mask from the coach and must put it on before moving toward the team Team Tent for water and cool down. 


● After masks are off, approximately 30 secs - 60 secs, the Official will require teams to get in their box to start the race. 


● No corrals at finish. The finish area will be designed to encourage runners to spread out. 

● No water will be provided at the finish area. Athletes should bring extra water.(1-2 bottled water)

● Please have one representative from each team at the finish line to assist their own runners. 

● Team representative and athletic trainers are the only ones permitted in finish area.

● Absolutely no team members not participating in the race, additional coaches or parents are to enter the designated finish area! The only persons allowable in the finish area are race participants, team representative, athletic trainer(s). 

● Athletic trainers will be stationed at the finish for any runner who is in need of additional support.

Awards There will be no awards ceremony this year. Awards will be placed in manilla envelopes/boxes for teams and placed at the announcers tent. They can be picked up after the conclusion of the last race. 


 E-mail:  tom.thompson@lakotaonline.com