Tennis (Boys)



Coach: Sheri Frey

Lakota West Boys  Junior High Try-Out Information 

  1. Must have filed paperwork in Final Forms:

    Including physical.  Even if you have filed in the past, possibly last year, you still need to go in to activate for this year.  Final Forms will transfer and save information, and will also send you notices to update physicals.  You may give physical form to me before try-outs, but legally cannot try-out unless all forms and physical are current.


  2. Try-out Schedule:Monday-Wednesday at Plains Jr. High – 2:30 pm-4 pm.I am doing everything possible to not extend the hours of try-outs and will be as efficient as possible based on the challenge matches and numbers that will need to be evaluated.I want to give the boys the best possible opportunity to be the most successful and have a good experience.


  3. What to bring to Try-outs:
    1. Bring racquet, towel, water, healthy snack (fruit, energy bar-Nature Valley, granola, etc., peanut butter and jelly or other sandwich).
    2. Wear comfortable clothing: shorts or warm up pants with pockets to keep at least one ball in..Hat or visor is helpful especially to shield the sun/heat, tennis shoes.Wear warm clothing.Dressing in layers is best.Please bring liner gloves with grips if the temperature is very cold.
    3. Completed physical if not turned in yet.


  4. Try-Out Process:
  1. The boys will be evaluated based on the following criteria:Technical (forehand, backhand, volley, serve, direction, control), Tactical: (how they use their technical skills to play the game), Mental, Physical- speed, fitness, agility, endurance, power, balance), Sportsmanship/Attitude, and ChallengeMatch Play.


  2. We will begin try-outs with a dynamic warm-up with and without the ball.
  3. Some of the students will begin Challenge match play, while others will be evaluated

    On fitness assessment and drills.

  4. Challenge Matches will have the boys playing 4 games, no ad scoring.The boys will spin racquets for serve/side, and begin playing.Five courts will be running most of the time, and will be rotating players in and out.
  5. My hope is to have Evaluations completed on Tuesday and give each student their evaluation form on Wednesday.Based on their evaluation and ranking, I will be able to let each boy know her standing on the team.After evaluation, each student/parent will be able to can decide to accept a position on the team based on of what role I feel at this time your student will play on the team.
  6. Goals:My goal is to train and develop all of our students, yet I will need to be careful to meet the needs of all of our players based on their individual needs. With that said, I will need to field the best possible line-up for our matches.Some students based on evaluation, may see very little playing time for our matches that count for points.We will field 3 singles courts, and 2 doubles courts.7 players will play for our competitive points against our opponents.There will be exhibition match opportunities (does not count for points), but will allow students to be competitive and develop and improve their skills in a competitive match on match days.
  7. Cuts:Every team, every year is different based on the dynamics and skill level of every individual group.My utmost goal is to continue to develop players at the Junior High level, and prepare them for high school and possibly college careers in the future.
  8. I want try-outs and Lakota West Jr. High Tennis to be a very positive experience for your student.I will give each player my best, and I only ask that they also give 100% of their best in ability and attitude.I am truly looking forward to a wonderful season.


Coach Sheri Frey

Lakota West Jr. High Tennis




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