Track & Field

Track & Field

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Wednesday, March 27th @ West Clermont Invite; West Clermont HS
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Thursday,  March 28th ALL-RUN @ Fairfield (Hamilton, Colerain & West)
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Tuesday, April 2nd ALL-RUN @ West Freshman (Rapid Run, Mason, Liberty, Hopewell)
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Thursday, April 4th Battle of the Beasts / ECC vs. GMC @ Loveland HS 
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Friday, April 5th @ Mason Jamboree invite; Mason HS
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Tuesday, April 9th @ Mt. Healthy
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Wednesday, April 10th ALL-RUN @ Colerain HS (West and Colerain)

Tuesday, April 16th ALL-RUN @ Hamilton HS (West, Rapid Run, Hopewell)
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Thursday, April 18th @ Hopewell invite
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Tuesday, April 23rd ALL-RUN @ West Freshman Track  (Delhi, Liberty, White Oak)
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Thursday, April 25th @ Kings Invite
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Monday April 29th GMC Preliminaries @ Oak Hills HS 
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Tuesday, April 30th GMC Championship @ Oak Hills HS
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Saturday, May 11th OHSAA State Championship (top 16 performances in the state)
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 Track Meet Overview

If you have never been to a Junior High Track Meet, it is a new experience.  First, there is an order of events.  That order can be found on the itinerary.  Next, it is imperative that athletes listen for calls.  Coaches will not be able to come and find you for your events.  Be familiar with the order of events located on the itinerary.  A big thing to watch out for is overlapping events.  If you are in a field events (such as discus) and a running event (such as the 100-meter dash), chances are these events will be going on at the same time.  The correct way to handle this situation is to report to the field event first and tell the official at that event that you need to check out and report to the 100-meter dash.  Go to the 100-meter dash, complete the race and then return quickly to the discus.  Upon return tell the official that you are back from the 100-meter dash. 
Most track meets start at 4:30 pm
Another thing to remember is to make sure that you warm-up prior to your event.
   The team warm-up that we do when we get at the track at 4:00 will not help you for a 6:00 pm event.  Jog for 5 minutes and then go through a quick set of stretches and stride outs/form running drills.  After the event, do a quick cool-down on your own.  A five-minute jog followed by some light stretching should work.

Calls –1st call—2nd call—3rd (final call)

1st call –Get to the event and report in

2nd call—warm up at the event area

3rd (final call) – The event is starting

Statistics –Usually the first heat (and sometimes the second heat) are the fast heats/scoring heats.

Other notes of importance:  Transportation is one way.  Lakota will be providing drop only bus service. 

No cell phones or jewelry in areas of competition.

We asked our athletes to pack their bags the night before and over pack.  Athletes can always take clothes off if they get too warm.  We also suggest water and a light snack.

If athletes have “track spikes” we ask they only wear them when they run their race.  Warm ups and cool downs should be done in their running shoes.

Order of events:

Shot  (girls 2.74 K, 6 lbs.) (boys 4K, 8lbs. 8 oz)
Discus  (1 K, 2 lbs. 3.27 oz; Both boys and girls)
Long jump / High Jump 
Pole Vault not available at Freshman Track

110 hurdles (33") /100 hurdles (30")

100 meters


4 x 100

400 meters

4 x 200

200 hurdles (30")

800 meters

200 meter

4 x 400

Link to GMC 800 m Video
Link to GMC 1 600 m Video

Boys Coach/Distance:
Tom Thompson
Assistant Coach/Sprint & Relays: John Nicol
Assistant coach / Sprints: Jordan Diegmueller
Assistant Coach/Throws:  Ken Jones
Lakota West Coach/Pole Vault: Bruce Eisenhart
Assistant Coach / Long Jump: Katie Bauer 
Assistant Coach / High Jump: Tiffany Brummer
Girls Coach / Hurdles: Kevin Varda