Important Policies


Students may start arriving at school at 6:55 A.M.  All students arriving between 7:00 – 7:10 will be required to report to the cafeteria.   Students may be dropped off in the front of the building.  Students may be picked up after school in the front parking lot.  No student should be dropped off nor picked up in the back-parking lot.

The warning bell will ring at 7:15 a.m.  Any student that is not in their 1st bell class at 7:20 am will be considered “tardy to school” or “tardy to class”.  Any student arriving at school after 7:20 a.m. must report to the main office to receive a pass.

Regular attendance by all students is important.  Students who have irregular attendance tend to have poor academic success.  For this reason, it is important that parents and students make every effort to make appointments outside the school hours.  A student is considered EXCUSED for the following reasons:

A.                  Personal illness

B.                  Illness in the immediate family

C.                  Death of a relative

D.                  Quarantine of the home

E.                  Work at home due to the absence of parents or guardians

F.                   Religious reasons

G.                  Emergency reasons that must be considered to have a good and sufficient cause for the absence (court appearance, suspensions, etc.)

*** To assist with attendance record keeping, it is encouraged that you send a doctor’s note anytime your child attends a medical appointment (including dental, orthodontic, etc.) during school hours. ***


If your student is going to be tardy or absent, a parent must contact the attendance line at 644-1133.  The number is an automated system that will take your call 24 hours a day.  Please state the students name, parent name and reason for absence.

    • Students arriving tardy to school must sign in at the front office.  Parents are not required to sign in, but an acceptable reason and appropriate documentation must be presented for the tardy to be excused.
    • Students that are picked up after school do not need to be signed out through the Main Office.  However, NO student will be dismissed early from school unless they are signed out by an authorized adult. (Authorized adults are those identified on the Emergency Medical Form)
    • Students who become ill during the school day must report to the Nurse’s office.  Students are not permitted to call home stating they are sick without staff permission, as our nurse will contact a parent

A student is considered truant if he or she is absent or tardy from school without an excused reason.  UNEXCUSED absences/tardies include, but are not limited to the following:

A.                  Missed bus

B.                  Overslept

C.                  No parent note or excuse offered

There are consequences for unexcused tardies. The second unexcused tardy the student gets a warning, the third unexcused tardy will result in a post card sent home to parents. The fourth unexcused tardy will result in detention; and the fifth unexcused tardy is a Saturday School.

Dismissal/Early Dismissal

Students are dismissed when the bell rings at 2:10. If they are a car rider,
they will exit the main doors and locate your car in the parking lot. 

*Vehicles are not permitted in the back or side of the building during dismissal. This is for safety reasons as our student walkers are making their way home.* 

When a parent/family member arrives at the school to pick up a child for early release, they are to report directly to the main office.  When the person picking up the child is unknown to office staff, that person will be asked to prove identity by displaying a driver’s license or other photo identification. You will need to sign your student out indicating the reason for dismissal. If the reason is sick, please write a brief description of the symptoms your student is experiencing. We will then call the student from the nurse’s office. If you are signing out your student as sick and they have not seen the nurse first, you will not be able to sign them out until they check in at the clinic. If a family member other than whose listed as emergency contacts on their profile is picking them up for the day. Please send an email to
[email protected]. You will need to state the name and relationship of the person dismissing your student as well as your child’s information (name & grade). If you have any questions regarding this procedure, please contact the main office. 

Item Drop off

Item Drop off is in the Main office of the school.  Upon entering please proceed to the Office and fill out a slip with the student’s information, your name and what cubby you chose to leave the item in. Leave the slip in the tray and we will retrieve it shortly. Students will be called down towards the end of the bell to avoid disruptions to the class. 

Planned Absences

Planned absences for longer than 2 days require Administrative approval via email request to [email protected] and copy to the Data Specialist: [email protected]

Per our school policy, teachers are not required to make long-range assignments for vacationing students.  Also, students may take tests missed during their absence at the convenience of the teacher.  All work given prior to the vacation is due on the first day a student returns from their vacation.

Canvas/HAC OneLogin Reset

If you need a password reset, please email:

[email protected]  

Responses will be given within the hour

Dress Code

As the weather becomes nicer and warmer, students' attire will be changing. Please review the dress code which is located in your student's planner. Please keep in mind, the way students dress should not attract undue attention or cause a disruption in the learning environment. I suggest you pay close attention to the length of skirts and shorts. Also note that halter tops, strapless tops, spaghetti strap tops, tank tops, midriff, muscle shirts, revealing and/or see-through tops are prohibited. We are seeing quite a bit of tattered jeans which are also not allowed. I am thanking you advance for assisting us with adhering to the district's dress code.


ALL students entering the 7th grade are required to have the following immunizations on file:

Meningococcal, Tdap

If your student has had these immunizations already, please submit a copy to the clinic before the start of school.  If they have not, please schedule an appointment with your physician to get them as soon as possible.  There is a 14 day grace period from the first day of school to get these records in.  After that your student may be excluded from attending school until the records are received.

You may scan and email them directly to me at [email protected] or you can mail them directly to the building.  Your physician may also fax them to 644-1135.

If your student will require medication(s) during school hours you may turn these in during schedule pick up. Only COMPLETED medication permits with the appropriate medication will be accepted. Forms without medications and medications without forms will not be accepted at this time.   If you will be providing over the counter medications, please provide small, UNOPENED containers. Remember all OTC medications (including but not limited to, eyedrops, nasal spray, cough drops, TUMS, ibuprofen, etc) require a completed/signed medication permit on file in the clinic.