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Please take a moment to join our PTO!  As a member, you'll receive advance notice of volunteer opportunities as well as scheduled events throughout the 2023-2024 school year.  Membership is only $10 annually per household and can be payable here.  This donation helps to create an enriching school year for your student(s).  PTO membership DOES NOT require you to volunteer with the PTO or attend meetings (although you are welcome to do both).

Meeting Dates

Our first meeting will be held in Plains Junior Media Center - HUB.  The remainder of meetings will be held in the Office Conference Room.  Please note, the majority of meetings are on Thursday evenings.  However, our 11/8/2023 and 5/8/2024 meetings are on  Wednesday evenings.

Dates Times
August 24 6:00 PM
September 14 6:00 PM
October 26 6:00 PM
November 8 6:00 PM
December 7 6:00 PM
January 11 6:00 PM
February 8 6:00 PM
March 14 6:00 PM
April 11 6:00 PM
May 8 6:00 PM